This unit is great for ice fishing! It is very convenient when drilling many holes in the ice to locate depth and fish. It has a flasher feature, which I wasn’t aware of, and matches what my Humminbird Ice 55 flasher displays. Instead of lugging around my Humminbird flasher from hole to hole for checking depths and locating fish before setting up to fish, this unit is a great substitute and quickly does the job. What is also nice is the simulation mode which allows you to learn and set up your unit in order to prepare you for your fishing adventure. The battery life is excellent! I was using it all day long with plenty of charge left over at the end of the day. This Lucky portable fish finder has exceeded my expectations!

J. Smith

This fish finder is very easy to use. It took me 2 minutes to teach my 7 and 10 year old sons to use it while I navigated the boat through the lake. We didn’t catch a lot of fish but we also aren’t experienced fishermen. We did catch more than we normally have . It was also nice to know the depth of the area we were in. So far this fish finder has been great . I went for the portable fish finder because we don’t have our own boat. We use my boss’s pontoon boat quite a bit and this fish finder was perfect to bring on and off the boat with us and also to fish off the dock. I had a question about this particular fish finder and the company was very fast to get back to me and answer all my questions. Great customer service!

John juliani

This comes all packed up in a fairly sturdy plastic bag that appears to be watertight with a rubber seal. In the box is the main unit that is about the size of a phone but a lot thicker. It has a rubberised finish and feels quite rugged. It has rubber flaps to seal the ports and a difficult to find lanyard loop and a lanyard is included. Also included is the main sonar unit with a float and fixing, additional wireless sensor and micro-USB cable. There doesn’t appear to be any way provided to tether the wireless sensor. The display is bright and clear and you can also adjust the brightness. This both shows the depth of the water and the fish it detects. It all seems pretty well made and works well.


I was initially reluctant to buy this fishing sonar, considering its relatively low price. I’m glad I ordered it! The equipment is well built with quality materials, it’s very intuitive to use and you can actually detect fish, as they move around under the boat. It takes a while to understand how the technology works, but, once you do, it becomes really useful. My only criticism goes towards the documentation. The manual falls short of clearly laying out operational concepts about the unit, forcing the user to mostly learn by trial and error.


Was a bit sceptical at first because of the low price…but turns out to be the best, most accurate and easy to use fish finder! Ready to use right out of the box! Arrived yesterday and in the water the next day… absolutely was able to put us on the fish. Was able to tailor down the fish finder alarm down to just alerting on the big ones. It definitely works well while trolling in the kayak and tested it from the shore as well. I would highly recommend this for any anglers tackle box! I’ll never fish again without it!


This is a great device for the fisherman and well worth considering if you’re the kind of guy who camps lakeside dressed head to toe in green at weekends. My friend and I have just used the wireless duck float so far and with a little trial and error and close attention paid to the instructions we were soon locating the fish at our local lake. Pairing the control display/transducer is straight forward enough and the display is clear enough to read. It’s chunky and simple enough to use with a good range and has rubber port covers – fit for purpose in other words although the skinny antenna does concern me slightly. Spend some time adjusting he sensitivity and you’re golden. Finding the fish is one thing but getting them on the hook is a different story obviously but this device is a worthwhile investment to help raise your piscine game.


The fish finder works as advertised and is a great value for the price. It does a great job for kayak fishing and I recommend it. It is very easy to set up and start to use it in just a few mins.

Tom R

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Fishing in an easier way

Get to know the water depth and fish location is the key factor that allows you to fish in an easy way. But how does the portable fishfinder works?

The sonar transducer works in a 45 degree beam angle when immersed into the water which can detects up to 328FT water depth below the sonar sensor. When fish and fish schools moving in the detecting area, the fish location will be displayed on the handheld fish finder. Calculate the accurate fish location by the right column on the screen.

Why did you choose the lucky fish finder

1.Easy to use

Simple operating system, novices can easily get started.

2.Lightweight and portable

Hand-held fishing probe, compact and light body.


Affordable and cost-effective.

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