to provide a affordable fish finders for all anglers

About lucky

In 2000, Jack Li, the founder of Lucky Sonar, has always been passionate about fishing and outdoor sports. He learned a fish detector during a random holiday trip. he was so excited about the device can find fish location for anglers. “its a time saving products that every angler deserved”, said Jack Li.


To start a business from zero is not easy and need some luck. Jack Li and his team spent countless days and nights on water, in order to test out the sample they travels 5,000 km per month and visited most of water areas in different cities, villages. The heat in the summer or the freezing morning in winter, or the giant mosquitos will never stop them, with three years efforts and payouts, the first Lucky FF1108-1 fish finder was finally announced in 2002, its the milestone of Lucky fish finder as a important brand in global fish finder market.

The beginning

The yellow shell plus the easy read interface, Lucky 1108-1 fish finder is literally affordable meanwhile provides the very similar functions as all fish finders: finding the fish and telling the basic information accurately. The Lucky 1108-1 models made a great selling result world widely. It opens the era of Made-in-China fish finders.

The wireless technology

FF718W was announced later after. Lucky inventively apply the wireless technology to fish finders to make fish finders portable and easy to carry, instead of carrying a long cable to cast the sensor, the wireless fish finder sensors can be cast by fishing rod which gives anglers more creativity to use Lucky sonars. FF718W was very successfully launched in 2004. Other series of Lucky sonar were released on the market on yearly base and Lucky sonar has grown to a fish finder brand which focus on portable, affordable and simply to use.

A new manufacture center

With 20 years delicate to fish finder R&D, in 2020, the Lucky company invested and built up a new manufacture center in Jinhua City ,Zhejiang province, China. The manufacture center is more than 20000 m2 including the offices, employee centers, R&D work shops and 24 production lines, with 14 departments. The production line is now able to produce more than 500,000 units fish finders per year on regular bases.

The future

‘We will keep focusing on making a quality fish finder with affordable price in the future’ said Jack, ‘we wont forget why we start the Lucky fishing sonar—–to provide a affordable fish finders for all anglers ’.