A collection of fishing gifts from Lucky fish finder anglers
A collection of fishing gifts from Lucky fish finder anglers
Kayak gift for Lucky fish finder angler

What is the Lucky angler community ?

In order to gather global professional anglers who would love to explore and share fishing tips,tricks and to be keen to use types of fish finders we organized this Lucky angler community in returns for your invaluable feedback and expertise and help you find your potential mate that you are a terrific match.

Why do we need you to be Lucky angler?

The invention of fishing sonar means a lot to fish enthusiasts. With sonar technology which brings more fun to fishing. They can be used for shore, kayak, ice or any other type of fishing. But many anglers are unaware of this game-changing innovation, or aren’t using it to its full potential.Therefore, we need the angler as Lucky spokesperson to help more users knowing that it is not only fish they are after

How does this community work and what benefits do you get from?

  • Uploading videos and pictures with you using our products to Lucky official website;
  • Supporting our marketing by providing high-resolution pictures and video footage;
  • Helping anglers by answering their questions about Lucky products on social media;
  • Providing professional opinions on product evaluation.

By participating in the Lucky angler program you will be recognized as a smart angler in fishing communities and win over $2000 prizes as well as find the invaluable Like-minded friends

Who can join the Lucky angler community and how do you apply for?

  • At least 18 years old
  • YouTube Vlogger
  • Professional Angler
  • Social media bloggers with spare time
  • Love fishing and making friends