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The birth of china fish finder

LUCKY SONAR is a full of life China fish finder manufacturer. We created 1108-1 in 2005 and became a global phenomenon, sweeping the shelves of major markets.

Till 2019, we have independently developed nearly 100 kinds of fish finder products that suitable for a variety of fishing scenarios, such as ice fishing; shore fishing; kayak fishing and boat fishing!

After years of precipitation, Lucky has became the first fish finder brand that appears in China and No.1 brand in China fish finder industry.

Not only are sales ranked first in China; it is also in China’s leading position in terms of plant size, product quantity, and team size. Lucky as a well-known brand in the Eurasian market and It has a number of patents and certificates.

Although it has achieved a small success, Lucky has always been the same, constantly innovating, researching and developing ,with its trendy packaging, cool appearance and the younger running mode, make LUCKY

the first trendy brand of China fish finder industry.

Buying Guide – Best Fish Finder

So how exactly do you determine the best fish finder for you to use? Here are some of the factors that you will have to consider to arrive at the right choice:

Price / Transducer type / Transducer signal cone angle / Signal frequency / Signal direction / Display screen / Accuracy / GPS / Manufacturer

It depends on your budget, and also your needs. You may not want a cheap model that doesn’t work well, doesn’t have the features you need, and doesn’t last long. But you also won’t want to pay extra for features that you won’t need at all.

You can also just pick one of the models on our list of the best fish finder models. Just pick the one that matches your budget and the features you need, and you’re good to go. Good luck, and have fun, and may the fish be with you!

Follow LUCKY and witness its innovation!

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