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Lucky sonar is the first China sonar fish finder brand

In 2000, Jack, the founder of China sonar fish finder brand LUCKY, graduated from the University of Commerce’s Business Administration.

Jack has always been passionate about fishing and outdoor sports.

One day, when he and his friends rented a boat to go fishing, Jack found a large electronic device installed on the boat.

After chatting with the owner, Jack learned about this sonar fish finder the first time.

After that, Jack searched the China sonar fish finder market for a similar device, but the price is thousands or more than that for most people to afford.

He suddenly felt that this was a huge market in China sonar fish finder industry and a good business opportunity.

Jack firmly said, “I can make it cheaper!”

Development of  Lucky brand

Jack and his engineering friend lukas hit it off. They found a professor in China. Under the guidance of the mentor, they read a lot of papers about sonar and designed countless fish finder models.

In November 2002, Jack invited four sonar fish finder project investors and made a presentation.

However, all four investors believe that this is not a good project to make money.

After many rejections, Jack made a bold decision to raise funds with his family and set up his own company to produce fish detectors.

He established the first fishing detector manufacturing plant in China in 2003.

From 2003~2006, breakthroughs have been made in core technologies.

For three years, Jack and his R&D team went to the reservoir to test every day, despite the extreme cold and hot weather.

They said “good luck” every time as encouragement and prayer.

Looking back at the days in the reservoir, met the setbacks, he had always find reasons and courage to stick to it.

The year 2011, wireless sonar technology was successfully introduced and the first wireless fish detector was birth and named as FFW718, It sold 100,000 pcs in China.

At the year 2012, Lucky broght series fish finders for boat and Kayak fishing.

In 2013, Lucky listed rechargeable and color display fish finders on market. Meanwhile, legendary model 1108-1 has been the NO.1 in the sales volume of multiple e-commerce platforms.

To reduce shipping time and costs, Lucky expanded its domestic warehouse to more than 5,000 square meters and added overseas warehouse as well.In the same year, Lucky won the best innovation award and the best electronic product award in the largest fishing gear exhibition in China. 

lucky fish finders collection
lucky fish finders collection
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