Fishing terminology

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Terms for fishing

As we all know: Terms are words and compound words or multi-word expressions that in specific contexts with specific meanings.These may deviate from the meanings the same words have in other contexts and in everyday language.So as the fishing terms.

If you’re an avid angler, terms like jigging,trolling,strike and rattles are common.And on the contrary, if you are a green hands, you might need to really read up on below fishing terms.Understanding the terminology will definitely be of great help for the practical operation.


Action means the important characteristic of rods, normally refers to the rods performance.Such as the rod fast action and slow action, as well as the rods weight.It also refers to the movement characteristics of the fish and lure, like fish are biting.


Amateur means a fisherman who pursues the fishing as a pastime and less experienced.Usually used in competition terms to distinguish between professional and amateur.It also describes anglers who do not fish for a living.


Most common style of reel used in bass fishing, typically round or oval shaped and somewhat open construction. Also known as level wind reels.

Bottom fish

Fish that spend most of their lives on bottom, such as eel, cod, snapper, and grouper.

Term that refers to releasing the fish you catch so that they can live to fight another day, and thus insuring a productive fishery.

The bait bobbed up and down on the water instead of moving horizontally


1. In traditional fishing type, the end of the line is where the fish are active.It could be a wire for a toothed animal, or a spider to fool a wary trout.

2. In fly fishing, the transparent tapered monofilaments keep your highly visible fly line at a distance from the fish and expend energy at the end of the casting.

Lure that consists of a wire attached to a lead head type body. This lure normally has a rubber skirt, and one or more type of metal blades on the non-hook arm. These resemble baitfish when retrieved.
Stinger hook
A trailing hook designed to catch short-striking fish. For instance, a slow-trolled live bait would have a stinger hook back near its tail. The nose hook tows the bait, while the stinger hook guards against short-strikes.
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