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If you are experienced fishing man, you will know bait boat fish finder is a necessary tool in the carp fishing, it can show the real-time underwater information when you drive the boat away and indicate the hot fishing spot to drop the bait. If there is GPS in the boat, that will be better, you can quick maker the point, then drop the bait 2-3 times to attract the carp.

Now there is a high-end GPS fish finder launched which integrating the sonar, compass and GPS position.

1. What need to do before use it?

First important thing is to assemble the sonar sensor and the GPS in your bait boat.

You can dig a hole in the bottom of the boat then fix the sonar sensor. the sonar need to be assembled away from the engine to prevent any interference. And also fix the GPS in the bow of the boat, just use the sticker is ok. The sonar and GPS will be affected by many factors, so please make sure to install it rightly.

2. Key features of GPS fish finder

There are many key features in the fish finder, such as quicker marker function, just 3 seconds you can mark the point you want, you can save the point even choose the symbol you like in the system; Another one is set home position, the position you stand to turn on the device will be the home position original, if you want to set other position as the home position, you can also change in the system. More functions wait for you to explore by yourself.

3. What can get if you use GPS fish finder?

First, it is the real-time underwater informatics and it can save 500 points and 20 routes. What’s more, when you drive the boat away, you can know the distance to the shore and know the bow of the boat even at night.

In a word, that is a perfect fishing mate for the carp fishing, and it can help you explore more big lakes for much fishing fun.

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