Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after

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Hand-held fish finder/portable fish finder



Retail Price    USD239.95

LUCKY KNIGHT is a floating and waterproof fishing sonar. It is portable and powerful. With it, you can jump into water anytime if necessary, what’s more if you go to mountings’ list and find a fixed trestle that matches your KNIGHT, you might can’t help saying that it’s the perfect partner for any fishing type!

How does the fish finder work ?

Your fish finder can be thought of as a small sonar device that sends sound waves into the water. When the sound waves hit an object (fish) in the water, the sound waves are reflected back to the fish finder. Then the sonar transducer receive and convert the echo signal reflected from the object (fish) in the water.

To make the data more accessible, the sensor converts the raw data into visual data that tells you the depth and temperature of the water you’re fishing for, as well as the contours of the bottom, to help you understand the overall underwater environment.



Retail Price    USD159.95

RAMBO JUNGLE have a series of camouflage pattern.They are wearable fishing sonar and the best choice for outdoor fishing enthusiasts, allowing you to free your hands in battle.If you own the complete jungle collection, i’m sure they will amaze your outdoor gear and delight you in various outdoor fishing scenes whether it’s shore fishing, boat fishing or ice fishing!

Wearable fish finder--Rambo Jungle

How to use it

It’s just a few simple steps.

What's the fish finder--A display and a sonar transducer
plug the transducer cable into fish finder device
use cable fish finder to fish on the kayak or boat
LUCKYLAKER wifi smart fish finder



Retail Price    USD89.95

LUCKY LAKER is a smart wifi-connected fish finder that pair with your phone and turns it into a fishing sonar device. Take it with you no matter you are shore, boat, kayak and ice fishing anglers, it is a functional wireless sonar offering powerful scaning and multiple use possibilities!

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Lucky hand held fish finder
Lucky hand held fish finder
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Bait boat fish finder
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