How to fish in early autumn?

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Fish’s food habits change with local environments

How do we fish in early autumn? If you’re an experienced angler, I think you can probably answer this question. To understand the tips we should learn from fish’s living habit .

In order to obtain their own living and reproduction.Fish’s living habits, especially food habits will change with local climate, water temperature, water quality and the environment of the waters.

The feeding habits has not changed much in the gradual transition period of summer and autumn.That is, the short-term transition period after the beginning of autumn.

Until the mid-autumn and late autumn, the obvious changes will occur. However, many fishermen didn’t notice this, and often ignored the process of “transition” and “gradient” of summer and autumn. It is straightforward to think that it is a fall, and it is necessary to change the floating fishing method in summer. And directly changed to the bottom fishing method. So the result of the unbuffered fishing method is mostly the hope of sighing and sighing.

Therefore, experienced anglers have the ability to adapt to the situation on the spot. When the fish does not bite, it will be based on the actual weather and the fish and water.

Try to explore and find solutions in the constant practice.  If there is no oxygen in the water, the fish will move off the bottom in high temperature mode.

Why do fish float from the bottom on the beginning of autumn?

In addition to the hypoxia factor, there are two reasons for fish to move from the bottom to the upper middle layer of water and foraging after the beginning of autumn:


Some fish are pelagic in nature, such as grass carp. They have the habit of floating to feed for food. Especially at the beginning of autumn,fish can feel the difference in temperature between morning and evening. As a result, they will store energy in the pelagic waters caused by their habits when they feed in large quantities for winter at low temperature.

Temperature effect

Fish are endotherms,their body temperature and water temperature difference of about 1℃. So daily activities are most easily affected by the water temperature, and the general freshwater fish, suitable for their living water temperature of 20~30℃. In other words,which water temperature is appropriate, they will tend to warm swim to that water layer activity and foraging.

The above mentioned two kinds of floating conditions, both belong to the active floating fish and daily habit.Normal activities and feeding is not affected, so the method of fishing from the bottom can be easily caught.

What kind of bait are we going to use?

At this time, go fishing, except in the summer continue to use all kinds of bait.You can also collect more and larger insects, as well as mollusks and use them to catch grass carp, carp, herbaceous carp, astragalus and so on, which is a natural and delicious bait, of course live bait carp would be interested in.


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