How to fishing in summer

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Summer Fishing Tips

The fish appetite is very strong and growing fast in summer,It is also the best water temperature for fish to eat. but it is difficult to catch the fish .In the summer morning, the general temperature is between 15-25 degrees, and the general water temperature is between 20-30 degrees.

At around 3 am before dawn, fishes often float on the water surface to absorb oxygen, and aquatic plants begin photosynthesis to release oxygen, and the air pressure rises. At this time, the fish had a strong appetite and look for food. Because the morning is cool, people are fishing to avoid the interference of the scorching heat. The fish eat the hook and people feel comfortable. At this time, the fishing effect is the best.

The radiation temperature in the summer is very high, and it can reach 40-60 degrees when the temperature is the highest at noon, and people can’t stand it, let alone fish. At this time, the surface water of the river pond and the shallow water of the shore will be hot. The fisher can’t eat at this high temperature.

Most fish avoid the cool water in the deep water or under the grass and trees. There are very few fish. Of course, you can fish at noon, but the fish’s life rule determines that the appetite is poor at this time, and the hooking rate is low. Therefore, fishing at noon is not recommended.

So the best time for fishing in summer is the morning and evening, generally from 4 am to 10 am in the morning, and 5 pm to 11 pm in the afternoon.

What is the best bait for summer?

There are 2 important things:1, the season, 2, the food of the fish, and the specific fishing depends on the season, fish species, weather, and water quality,Water and other specific flexible use. Specific considerations are required when fishing other species in the wild.

Catfish fishing requires meat bait, and grass carp fishing requires vegetarian bait. Crucian carp is an omnivorous fish that eats meat, but meat is mainly eaten in spring. In summer, due to the high temperature, people don’t like meat like humans. Therefore, summer bait is also favored by fish.

Carp can be used. Of course, the fish pond owner often feeds some pellet bait in the fish pond, so it is better to fish in the pond.

Summer fishing is upwind or downwind better?

The experience of many anglers proves that the bottom of the hand pole is good for the downwind (that is, the upwind fishing). The downwind wave is large and contains more oxygen and more food, and the upper and lower water temperatures are balanced, which is conducive to foraging and growth of fish. However, it is difficult to throw the pole in the limelight, and it is not easy to throw accurately and far away, and there are also floats that are not easy to see because of the waves.

It should be said that not all fishing methods are good in the limelight. Floating fishing, hanging fishing, and rod fishing are still good for the upper hand. One is because the bait resistance is not far away in the lower head; the second is that the wind constantly blows the float to the side after throwing, and finally can not fish in front of the heel.

The upper wind is different. The gentle wind throws away very far, even if it is not far away, the wind will blow the float and hook. Hand rod floating fishing and hanging fishing have long lines, and throwing floating fishing can release tens of meters, so these two fishing methods are in the upper hand.

Long or short rods better for Summer fishing ?

Fishing rods can be divided into three categories according to their length. Hand rods: long rods above 6.3 meters, standard rods from 4.5 meters to 5.4 meters, and short rods below 3.6 meters. Summer fishing is also divided into pond fishing and wild fishing.

Of course, long rods are used in the general waters of the wild, mainly for deep fishing. The commonly used rods are 6.3 meters and 7.2 meters. The long rods are heavy and inconvenient to operate. Of course, if you want to fish in summer, you can also choose 8 meters or 9 meters for long-line and short-line fishing.

Pole with more than 10 meters is not used in the north. However, in summer, many fishing enthusiasts like to catch white fish (white strips) in the wild or carp fishing in ponds.

Generally, short rods under 4.5 meters are selected. The end rods are light, convenient and sensitive.

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