How to read a fish finder?

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How to read a fish finder?

When you get the new fancy fish finder in your hand, then you turn on it, cast out the sensor, the first thing, you will ask

  1. How the fish finder works?

As we all know, the fish finder is a tool which uses the underwater sonar to detect the underwater information, such as water depth, water temperature, fish activities and underwater environment. So here is the question– How did the fish finder get these information?

Actually fish finders are also known as sounders – what they do is they shoot out sound waves into the water, and measure their speed and strength when they bounce back. The readings show up as “echoes” on the screen. The thinking behind it is that the most and slowest echoes should be the bottom, and everything in between is either structure or fish. It’s that simple! It will provide very useful information for anglers to make right strategy and decisions.

To read the fish finder is very simple, the key point is the sonar echoes will move from the right side to the left side, so what you are seeing the latest news is in the right side. Remember, Sometimes we may see there is always a fish or fish group in the screen, it may be not refer to many fishes, but the same fish of fish group which stay in the same location or just other objections, not fishes.

  1. How to read Lucky knight display?

In Lucky brand fish finder, it has many types of fish finders that more than 100 models, so let’s have a look at one of them. The picture below is the Lucky Knight fish finder– remarkable model which is very stable and mature fish finder with 2.5 inch color screen.

The two numbers on the top left show two very important readings – the depth of the current reading and the water temperature. Temperature readings will only show up if the transducer has a temperature sensor built into it. These two information will be useful for angler to find the target fish finder and evaluate the activity of the fish.

And in the Screen, there are small, medium, big fish icon and remember  the number in the fish icon means the depth of the fish. You can filter out the small size fish in the setting if you want to. According this significant information, the anglers can cast the lure in the certain depth according to the fish depth display.

Finally there is bottom dot- matrix display with yellow, red , blue colors. The vivid color display give more detailed information to the user. It is a useful device to find the hot spots and certain fish activity spot.

Another picture is the Lucky starter which is the entry level fish finder in the Lucky products family and this is iconic display. When there is the fish, the fish icon will display. Simple but works well.

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