What is the fishing sonar?

a fish finder contains 2 parts, a display and a sonar transducer

(A fishing sonar contains 2 essential parts: Device and Sonar Sensor)

Wireless operation mode

What's the fish finder--A display and a sonar transducer

Cable operation mode

plug the transducer cable into fish finder device

(We can use it in 2 different ways: Cable transducer mode and Wireless sensor mode)

It is suitable for any fishing type

use wireless fish finder to fish on the kayak or boat

(Shore fishing partner)

use cable fish finder to fish on the kayak or boat

(Boat / Kayak fishing partner)

wireless sonar transducer can detect fish in a 90° beam angle

(Detect fish in wide beam(90°) when working in wireless sensor mode)

How does a fish finder detect fish with a cable sonar transducer

(Detect fish in narrow beam(45°) when working in cable transducer mode)

What can I read from the display?

We can read : Water depth; Water temperature; Bottom contour; Fish depth

what can we read from the fish finder display screen

Remember:(The latest information always show from right side)