Ice fishing in Russia

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Today we talk about the ice fishing ,that is very popular in Russia, especially in Moscow and St peters burg . Fish is the very important component in winter activity for Russia people.

  1. Ice fishing time

The ice fishing time in Russia is from November to the March in the next year. It is a national movement. In winter, almost all the surrounding bay is frozen. Even in somewhere, the thickness of the ice can afford the weight of full-size car. So from the middle of November, thousands of people start to slide on the ice.

  1. What equipment will they take?

They will take the seat, fishing equipment,sausage, hot tea and vodka. Some people even take the tent. Although the temperature is lower than minus 20 degrees outside and with strong wind and snow , it can still not stop people going to fishing. It is really amazing. Actually, they know how to keep themselves warm in the cold weather.

  1. How they do fishing on the ice?

Normally the fishing man will use the ice machine to dig a hole, then put his seat near the hole. Some time the seat is the metal box for fishing gears. Then put the sonar or the underwater camera inside the hole to detect the underwater information, put the lure, then you can wait quietly.

Every year, the government will organize the fishing competition and any fishing lover can participate in it. It will last all day and who can catch more fish or which is biggest can win the competition.

By the way, fishing in Russia will need fishing license. And there are many bass and snapper in winter.

In a word, ice fishing is a very attractive attractive in Winter. If you go to Russia in Winter, you’d better not miss it.


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