Is your lucky fishfinder fully functional?

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Do you own a lucky fish finder?

If you happen to have a fish finder with Lucky sonar brand.Please take a few minutes to read this.

We will try to tell you in the simplest way about how to use the fish finder,and how to exploit its potential function.

Lucky sonar fish finders have several ranges according to its configuration. It have: hand-held series, wearable series, boat or kayak series, wifi series.

LUCKY Handheld fish finder

Firstly,let’s chat with a very classic model in LUCKY products family.In 2011, wireless sonar technology was successfully introduced

At the same time,we bring out the first wireless fish finder and named as FFW718.

It sold 100,000 pcs in China.Furthermore, a report comment lucky FFw-718 handheld model is one of the most affordable fish finders you’ll ever come across.

Surely,its frequency provides readings up to 130 feet deep. It comes with adjustable chart speed, depth range settings, and sensitivity level settings as well as fish alarm.

What’s more, the wireless and cable transducers are waterproof and only work underwater.

It’s even more intimate, a neck strap, a waterproof bag, and a sonar transmitter/receiver connector cover are included.

Obviouely you already have an answer if this is a worthy fish finder for you.

Look at the year 2019, to optimize this classic model FFw-718 and improve its cost performance.

Look forward to meeting our lucky knight with a comprehensive upgrade in 2019 Autumn Canton fair.

Compared with old model, Lucky Knight comes with 3 options, Knight Pro,Knight Touch and Knight Fly which differ in three different user modes.

Knight Pro will be packed with two transducers, wireless and cable transducers which will satisfy any fishing typies and water condition.

lucky old classic model

Lucky Knight Pro fish finder

Lucky Knight fish finder provide 

Accurate readings

Here is a main point that such great feedback of this model. It shows that it provides very efficient performance using as a fish finder.

Whether you like to fish in deeper lakes or shallow rivers, it can offer accuratr readings if you are using it correctly.

Rechargeable battery

Another good point for you to choose Knight is that it’s offer rechargeable battery.

The 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery is not only environmentally friendly, but also can work for 10 hours on a single charge.

Transducer frequency

Lucky knight offers anglers with two user models: wireless mode and cable mode.

Which means, if you buy a knight with two operation modes,your fish finder will works in 200khz frequency. And detect fish in 45 degrees beam angle when works in cable mode.

What’s more, your fish finder will works in 125khz frequency and detect fish in 90 degrees beam angle when works in wireless mode.

Floating and waterproof

Lucky knight meet the market as floating and waterproof model in 2019. These features allow you free your hands when you battle and jump into the water if necessary.

Finally, if you want a fish finder that is super easy to use and gives you all the functions you need to get an accurate reading.Take lucky knight fish finder to go fishing, you’ll see.

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