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China fish finder factory base–Lucky Sonar

Lucky Sonar company was established in 2003.It is located in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. Founder Jack’s hometown. Regarding the Chinese market in 2003, lucky sonar is undoubtedly the first Chinese brand and also the first China fish finder factory.

When it comes to the establishment of lucky sonar, it has to be said that the process of its establishment.

In 2000, Jack, the founder of Lucky Sonar, graduated from the University of Commerce’s Business Administration.

Jack has always been passionate about fishing and outdoor sports. One day Jack found a large electronic device was mounted on the boat when he go out for fishing. After chatting with the owner, Jack learned about this fish detector the first time. Jack excitedly said to his friend: “This fishing type is more fun! Just like you know the fish is there and you are playing with it!”

After that, Jack searched the market for a similar fish finder.Unfortunately the price is thousands or more than that for most people to afford. He suddenly felt that this was a huge market and business opportunity. Such great game-changing fishing tools must be available to more fishing enthusiasts. Jack firmly said, “I can make it cheaper!”

The Establishment of Lucky fish finder factory

Jack and his engineering friend lukas hit it off. They read a lot of papers and designed countless models. In November 2002, Jack invited four project investors and introduced the fish detector project. However, all four investors believe that this is not a good project to make money. After many rejections, Jack made a bold decision to raise funds with his family for the fish finder factory. Finally, he established the first fishing detector plant in 2003 and became the first fish finder factory in China.

From 2003 to 2006, to get the best result of test figures.Jack and his R&D team decided not in the test pool , but to the real water area to test the product. Rivers, lakes, the temperatures can be extremely cold or hot and the mosquitos are literally monsters.

After 15 years of development and adjustment, lucky sonar currently covers an area of 3,000 square meters and has advanced production equipment. The company has R&D, production, sales and marketing teams and has absolute experience in the fish finder product industry.

Lucky sonar-the future of China fish finder factory

At present, Lucky sonar R&D team has developed ranges of fish finders. In addition to promote own brand, we also do a lot of OEM products for big brands. Lucky sonar brand fish finder products are located in Europe and the United States, Russia, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries.

Meanwhile,In order to focus more on the development and production of fish finder,Lucky sonar plans to build a new lucky smart building at the end of year 2018 and complete it by the end of October 2019. This smart building houses a production workshop, R&D office, sales office, design office, marketing office, personnel and financial office,management office as well. There are also a large product showrooms, conference rooms, lounges, and activity rooms.Welcome to visit Lucky new smart building and we believe that Lucky Sonar company will always be a valuable fish finder brand and factory in China.

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