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The debate about the underwater fishing camera

Well,recently when I was browsing social networking sites, I found a very interesting debate topic about fishing as below.

Some fishermen think that the old traditional fishing method can better stand for the fishing skills. On the contrary,the existence of the bait boat or the fish finder especially underwater camera more or less as cheating.

Here I also want to express my opinion. In fact, fishing is a very interesting activity. Imagine why you love fishing. If you are a commercial fisherman, the goal for you is to harvest and raise your family.So in this case, a good fish navigator is very helpful because it can provide you with safe boat information, can help you find the right fishing spot, and let you make the right decision.

Similarly, if you are an experienced fisherman, then increasing your catch should not be the goal you are pursuing at this level. I think you should be more committed to discovering more fish species to enrich your experience.

At this time, the underwater fish finder or fishing camera will also be your effective partner.Because it can tell you the underwater contour, water temperature, air pressure, etc.

With these information, combined with the living habits for fish.You will know which fishes live in this water area and when it will bite.

According to the report, if the air pressure drops by more than 500 Pa in one day. The fish school is not active or even bite.

If the air pressure rises by more than 500 Pa in a day or two consecutive days. Then the fish activity will be very active, even frequent biting.

Let’s meet the lucky underwater fishing camera

Further more,if you are a newcomer to fishing and you are not rich enough. Then your current goal should be to find the fun and feeling of fishing.

Imagine that you prepared the bait carefully, bought a favorite fishing rod, cast the bait. The next might be a long wait.

Perhaps there is no fish under the bait, or the fish does not mean to bite the hook any more.When the sun goes down, you just waste another afternoon for a boring wait. At this time, you may be depressed, go home and put your fishing gear in the corner and never touch it again.

It’s the right time to bring you back to the real meaning of the fish finder.Considering the points,the existence of the fish finder may give you a new understanding.

In fact, no matter which fishing method, what kind of purpose.The ultimate result of fishing whether it is money, fun, honor or other meaning.

Finally the fish finder plays an important role. Because it can provide accurate information, and it’s not a cheating at all, because how do you use these information make it counts.

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