Thank You !

Your submission has been received,an LUCKY sonar associate will contact you about your submission shortly! If you become a LUCKY angler, we will send the first phase of fishing gear to your address. Please keep in touch!

Shoot a video and upload it to your YOUTUBE account

Video shooting guide:

Make sure you wear the Lucky equipment and use the Lucky fish finder you bought
Make sure you know how to use the fish finder before shooting
Make sure you start the video with “Hi, This is Lucky angler xx from xx”, …
Make sure you record the entire fishing process
Make sure the video ends with harvested fish
Upload the edited video to your personal YouTube account for LUCKY company review and collection
Invite your friends to sign up is the key to winning the second phase prize as well

Apply for the ultimate Kayak

Award eligibility instructions:

√ Sign with Lucky for more than six months
√ Uploaded 5 fishing videos at different fishing spots by using at least 2 different fish finders
√ At least 20,000 views for 5 videos
Provide at least 100 effective fishing tips(each tip should contain no less than 100 words)