The tips for carp fishing

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As you know, now the carp fishing is more and more popular, especially in France, United kingdom, Netherlands, Germany and so on. It seems that is the fastest growing industry. So today we will share some carp fishing tips, if you are one of carp fishing anglers, hope it will give some hand to you.

  1. Choose the right lakes

This is very important part. You can search in the internet and do some research to find a perfect lake for you. Believe me, it will save much time and any mean-less efforts. And to find out if the lake can use the bait boat or not to prevent any inconvenience.

  1. To prepare gears before start off

To be honest, carp fishing is not a easy work relatively. So pls prepare the everything you may need, including all the carp gears, fishing equipment and if there is rainy day, take some waterproof gears. So one more important thing is to check weather forecast and to use right bait.

  1. Pick a perfect boilie

Remember to pick a good quality and good flavour boili, if you feed the fish everything, finally you can catch the carp one day. Familiar bait is a great choice in summer. Or you can use sweetcorn, it will be cheaper than the boilies and also stay in lake bed for long time.

  1. Keep learning

The fishing skills may different in countries. So for sure you can read more articles and more blogs, even there are many videos in the Youtube that shared by some experienced fishing angler. Stay hungry, stay foolish, then you can get more useful tips and enjoy the fishing fun.

  1. Just ask if you have a question

There are many carp fishing groups in Facebook, whatsapp and other way. Find a group for yourself and chat with them to share what you get today. Also easy to ask questions and do the better.

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