What are the functions of the bait boat fish finder

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I believe most of people is familiar with bait boat, they are very popular in Europe.  And Bait boat fish finder has also become very popular, so today let me introduce to you the functions of bait boat fish finder.

Lucky FF918C-WL is a 300 meters operating range bait boat fish finder, you only need to install the aluminum box receiver in the ship and the sonar probe on the bottom of the ship to send sonar signals underwater to detect fish. It is worth noting that the stability and voltage of the battery power supply need to be paid attention to. These will affect the detection effect. The fish finder emits signals through the probe,  which can detect the water temperature, water depth, bottom contour, fish depth, and fish school size.

How to use a bait boat fish finder

With this information, we can put the bait into the water and wait for the fish to gather. Then catch them all at once.

If you want to record these points, I recommend using LBT-1-GPS, it’s also a 300 meters operating range fish finder, But the difference is it has GPS & COMPASS function. It can store 500 way points, And it will be stored according to the track of the bait boat, prompting you whether to yaw, just like the navigation of car. The GPS locator is installed on the bow of the bait boat, with accurate positioning and small error. Support multi-point positioning, storage and route. And it will display the speed of the bait boat, which is very convenient. Provide reliable information.

LBT-1-GPS is simply an artifact of the bait boat, which effectively saves the time of finding fishing spots. The precise positioning of GPS and the conventional detection functions of the fish finder combine perfectly.

If you are a bait boat lover, you may consider trying LBT-1-GPS to experience the fishing fun!

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