What fish finder can you choose if you don’t have a boat?

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As we all know, now fishing is more and more popular in wold widely. It is more like a sports, they prepare all the fishing gears, and take all families go to fishing will be a very interesting activities in many countries. Now most of fish finders are for boat use, so how about the fishing angler who not own a boat?

So Lucky fish finder can offer some options for your choosing. You don’t have a boat is not mean you can not buy a fish finder to catch more fish. Lucky focus on the portable and wireless fish finder for more than 17 years and Lucky try to make the fish finder as portable as possible and easy carry and easy to set up.So as long as you have a fishing rod , fishing line and fishing reel, you’ll be fine.

1.Lucky Nova

Lucky Nova is the new products of Lucky 2020 and gathering all the best technology Lucky selling so far, so that product is with mature quality and reliable functions. It is has colour screen and dot-matrix display also reachable lithium battery. More interesting things is that Lucky Nova has 2 sensor inside, wireless and wired to use in all fishing types and all fishing environment. The wireless sensor you can just use the fishing line to tie it then cast it out, it can reach to the area that in the long dis trance and enlarge the search area. Just for instance, if there are big waves, you can use the wired sensor as the wired sensor stay under the water and will be more stable.

2.Lucky Pony


Lucky Pony is the lower version fish finder compare with Lucky Nova.As it use dry battery instead of lithium battery and use the black white screen. But the function is same, if you have a limited budget, that will be your best choice.

3.Lucky Hornet

Lucky Hornet is the entry level fish finder with all the basic function of a fish finder should have.

It has a big screen and the big size device which make the Lucky Hornet very popular in the angler.And the Lucky Hornet can tell the air temperature and air pressure that will be a big help for you to fishing.

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