What’s the best time to go fishing

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How to find the best fishing time

There is a week on a busy working day, so what do you do in your leisure time?

For most fishing enthusiasts, no day can help you get out of a difficult week like fishing.

Because we know the importance of leisure time,

but the trouble is, what time period is the best time to pick up our fishing rod?

In this article we hope to share some tips about the best fishing time.

When the weather gets better and the fish become active and gather again, it is the best time to fish.


Of course, the activity level of the fish school is different in each time period of the day.

According to changes in temperature, water temperature and other factors, the fish will also be active in different depths and positions in the water,

so if you want to spend your time fishing in vain, efficiently catch your favorite big fish, choose the right time to fish

seems particularly important.


The following are the two most popular fish for anglers, the activities of the day and the best fishing time, let’s take a look




When the water temperature is around 55 to 65 degrees, the main time to capture bass is during its pre-spray.

The best time to fish during the day is in the evening or in the evening, when the sun is not too bright.

If the weather is clear or the water is cloudy, the bass will end at noon.




When mosquitoes and bugs are most active, trout is the busiest during the feeding time,

so the best fishing time is in the warm season.


Next we look at the impact of the four seasons of the year on fishing, and our recommendations for the best fishing time.


  1. In summer, the best time to fish every day is early morning and evening.
  2. In spring and autumn, it is best to go out at dusk.


In relatively warm areas where the temperature difference is relatively small, you can often catch fish throughout the year,

so winter is still a good time to fish. In other colder climates, winter is a good time for ice fishing.

If you are near the beach, check the tide table and go out when the tide changes.


During tide changes, fish move more.

Be worry of cold winds and heavy rain, as these may limit your chances of catching.

Be sure to check the weather report before you travel.

Also, keep in mind that these are general tips, and different types of fish have different modes of activity.

If you are looking for giant flat fish, you may not find them at the same place and at the same time as the largemouth bass.

This helps to understand which type of fish you are hunting, so you can learn more about the rig, bait and bait, and the location and time of fishing.

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