Why bait boats are always used for carp fishing?

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What’s a bait boat?

Carp fishing is a very popular sport in Europe and the world. As a fishing enthusiast, you must have caught carp, but have you ever caught carp with a bait boat? Let me introduce to you today, why they use a bait boat to catch carp.

First you need to know what is a bait boat, The bait boat is one of the fishing gear accessories that assist anglers in nesting. The bait boat made by combining modern technology can nest for ultra-long distances, effectively concentrate the fish, and bring unexpected gains to the fishing friends of the fishing club.

The bait boat is a remote control nesting boat, which integrates high-tech and intelligent technology into fishing activities based on traditional fishing methods. The advantage of long-distance nesting is that people are far away from the fishing point, and the fishing movement will not be transmitted to the underwater fish, so it can be easier to fish.

Without a remote-controlled nesting boat, it can only be nested in remote waters by hand throwing and pole throwing. This will easily cause the nest material to be scattered, fishing clubs, and fishing spots to deviate. However, it is easy to disperse the fish from boating to the fishing spot, which will affect the effect of the nest.

Therefore, fishing at a long distance fishing point before using the fishing boat is not only conducive to the concentration of fish, but also reduces the movement of the angler while fishing, making the fishing rate rise linearly.

Therefore, before fishing for carp, use a bait boat to drive to a designated place, pour the bait into the water and wait for a period of time to catch the carp. This method of carp fishing is popular all over Europe!

If you like carp fishing, you can try it next time.

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