Why we need a sonar fish finder

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For most of people, sonar fish finder is a new product,they don’t know how to use it and what’s the use.  Even some people have never heard the fish finder.But you know, for those fisherman or boat owners,they couldn’t be more familiar.

Currently,fish finder is more and more popular in worldwide,  the most fish finder in market can be divided into marine fish finder and portable fish finder.

Marine fish finder with big size to mount on the boat, more powerful functions.Portable fish finder is small size but very convenient and easy to use, also with a very competitive price,so portable fish finder is very popular among fisherman.

Maybe you will think, as an experienced fisherman you don’t need a sonar fish finder, but sometimes when you go to a new place.

find a new river or lake, you need to know the underwater conditions like water temperature,water depth and softness and hardness of the bottom, so you can judge what’s fish underwater. Then you can make a right decision to choose a most suitable hook and lures. It’s very important. Fish finder will provide all these information you need.

You can think the fish finder as a underwater’ navigator.Some fish finder comes with GPS function,just like car navigation.

If you set the destination,then it will provide you the driving way,whether to deviate from the course, etc.

The information it provided is very useful when we driving,we will judge the driving route and then choose the most suitable route.The similar functions for fish finder.it provides the underwater information including water temperature,water depth,sea bad,fish size and so on.these information will be very useful when you fishing.it can also help you find the hot fishing spot, save your time so that you can enjoy fishing fun.

So now you know why we need a fish finder,it can provide underwater information and help you find fishing spot.

However,the most important is to prove your judgment is correct, isn’t it?

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